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​Sat Sri Akal !

                       Welcome to the homepage of Dasmesh School Winnipeg, a K-10 independent and not for profit school located in Winnipeg, MB. Dasmesh School has been founded by a dedicated group of intellectuals, who are committed to academic excellence (higher emphasis on Mathematics, Science and Language Arts to prepare students for University studies) along with the preservation of Punjabi language and our rich cultural and religious heritage.

                        Dasmesh School is the first English-Sikh faith based school in Manitoba. Dasmesh School teaches the mandated Manitoba Education Curriculum with additional courses of: Punjabi, Folk Dance and Sikh Studies which include; Gurbani Education and Shabad Kirtan.  All teachers are certified by Manitoba Education Department. Dasmesh School provides an excellent platform for our next generations to succeed academically and spiritually by connecting them to their roots.


​“We believe in Discovering talents, Exploring opportunities, Striving for excellence, and promoting spiritual and cultural values of Sikh community.”

Our mission is to develop young students with active and creative minds, a sense of understanding and compassion for others, and the courage to act on their beliefs. We strive to achieve total development of each child: spiritual, moral, intellectual, social, emotional, and physical.



In Dasmesh School, our vision is to

•Promote challenging learning opportunities that support individual growth in a respectful environment.
•More opportunities for our children as they come out of school full with confidence, knowledge and skills to succeed in their lives.
•Promote all round development (spiritual, moral, intellectual, social, emotional, and physical)
•Promote Sikh Religious and Cultural values.
•Ensure a welcoming environment where everyone is emotionally and physically safe.
•Promote a sense of community and belonging by valuing meaningful participation in decision making.
•Recognize and celebrate the unique and diverse gifts given from our 10 Gurus.
•Commit to a common purpose that will inspire combined efforts to achieve outstanding academic results of the students.

School Staff

 Mr. Manjinderpal S. Chahal: Founder & President

 Teaching Saff:

  Mrs. Amandeep Kaur Sran (Principal & Founder)

                                ( M.Sc Physics, B.Ed, Post Bach in Education

                                   Holder of class 6 Manitoba Teaching Certificate)

  • Mrs. Navjot Brar (Vice-Principal)

  • Mrs. Karamjeet Sidhu (Teacher)

  • Ms Sandra McGlynn (Teacher)

  • Ms Andrea Cabral (Teacher)

  • Ms Sukhkiran Kaur Brar (Teacher)

  • Ms Lisa Lapkoff (Teacher)

  • Ms Suzzane V (Teacher)

  • Mrs. Arunjit Kaur (Teacher)

  • Mrs. Amanjeet Kooner (Teacher)

  • Mrs. Preet Saini Liddhar (Teacher)

  • Ms Rebecca Gossel (Teacher)

  • Mrs. Chasity Palmer (Phys. Ed. Coach)

  • Mr. Eric Leonard (French)

  • Ms Raisy Kuriakose (Teacher Assistant)

  • Ms Jasmine Kaur (Teacher Assistant)

  • Ms Gurpreet Kaur (Teacher Assistant)

  • Mr. Jappanjot Singh (Bhangra Teacher Assistant)

  • Ms Ashtyn Cooke (Teacher Assistant)

  • Ms Karamvir Plaha (Teacher)

  • Ms Mattina Lissi (Teacher Assistant)

  • Ms Aanchal Sharma (Teacher Assistant)

  • Ms Pawan Kaur (Teacher Assistant)

  • Ms Kanwaldeep Kaur (Teacher Assistant)


In Dasmesh School, we value

•The religious and cultural teachings of Sikh community.
•The learning, dignity, respect and well being of all.
•A safe and welcoming environment.
•The diversity and the uniqueness of all.
•A shared common purpose that inspires and strengthens our commitment, responsibility and accountability.
•Honest, respectful and timely communications.
•Participation in ongoing, collaborative decision making processes.
•Social and environmental responsibility.
•Vision, innovation, enthusiasm and involvement.​