Dasmesh School 2022-2023 Annual Tuition Fee and Transportation Fee Schedule

Tuition fee collected from students is used to assist Dasmesh School in ongoing School expenses!!

Families can choose to pay full fee in August/September 2022 or in 10 monthly installments by providing a VOID cheque for direct deposit on first day of every month from September to June. Parents who choose to pay Full Annual Fee in August/September will receive 3% discount on Tuition Fee!!!


Registration Fee (Non-Refundable)

Grade                                                                Registration Fee

Nursery to Grade 8 (New to School)                  $195.00

Kindergarten to Grade 8 (Current Students)      $110.00

Grade 9 to Grade 10                                          $200.00

Annual Tuition Fee Schedule


Grade                                                                 First Child    Second Child (app. 50% Discount)       Third Child (60% Discount)

Nursery (Part-Time: 9:00 am to 12:00 noon)      $2750.00        N/A                                                             N/A

Nursery/Junior Kindergarten(Full Time)              $4150.00        N/A                                                             N/A

Kindergarten (Full Time)                                     $2550.00        N/A                                                              N/A                               

Grade 1 to Grade 4                                             $2250.00        $1150.00                                                    $900.00

Grade 5 to Grade 8                                             $2750.00        $1400.00                                                    $1100.00

Grade 9 to Grade 10                                           $3750.00        $1900.00                                                    $1500.00 


Note: NO Discount is available for Nursery and Kindergarten Program!!! Sibling Discount is calculated from lower fees!!!

Annual Transportation Fee

First Child                                                            $1500.00

Second Child (Sibling)                                         $1250.00

Third Child (Sibling)                                             $1000.00

International Student Annual Fee

Registration Fee (Non-Refundable)                     $ 500.00

Grade 1 to Grade 6                                              $12000.00 plus Medical Insurance charges

Grade 7 to Grade 10                                            $15000.00 plus Medical Insurance charges